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Ideas I think are neat but am not working on as a product

Employee Analytics

How do you know what employee behaviors really make a difference? read more

Workplace Education

How do you efficiently change behavior at work? read more

Creating Test Data

Creating test data for manual QA is hard but could be really easy. read more

Personal Productivity and Habit Changing

I've hacked together a system for productivity, learning and habit change using Todoist, Airtable, Zapier and Anki. I like it more than any off-the-shelf solution, which is weird. read more

Workplace Communication

I think workplace communication is bad and getting worse. read more


Did we do what we planned and was it the right thing to do? read more

Income Share Agreements for Everyone

ISAs are the future and they're not nearly as big as they should be. read more

Many more

Whatever you've identified as a problem, I'm probably sympathetic.